Friday, 4 July 2014

Mini WSM Build (UK)

So I have been gagging to build one of these for ages. Thanks to alot of my friends and family I was lucky enough to win a Weber Smokey Joe. I trawled the websites looking for a suitable pot for the build but they are not easily available in the UK. Most people go with a Vascona or an Imusa 32 Quart tamale pot Unfortunately we dont have the tamale eating populace in this part of the world. Someone did find a pot for about £12 called a Sonex Pot, the No 6 - 28L is the one you want. Its made in India, and for love or money I have not been able to source it in the UK. As a result I managed to source a pot on Amazon USA that they would send to me for next to nothing (£7).

Parts List

  • Winware 32 Quart Stock Pot - Delivered by for £7 on Amazon Prime. $41 for the pot and £8 in import duties so about £41. I cut the base out and have drilled holes in the sides that I use the bolts below to mount the grates and clay saucer on. I painted the thing with black ceramic engine paint (3x coats). 
  • 2" BBQ Thermometer from Amazon £12.99
  • 10x 1/4" 20 bolts and washers from Amazon - £5
  • VHT Black Enamel Engine Paint I should have got the gloss as well but I was lazy and its going to be covered in BBQ sauce within seconds of firing it up - £10. 
  • I am still hunting for another grate and a clay tray which I can hopefully find this week. Thats likely to be £20

So total cost wise you are looking at £40-£50 for the Weber Smokey Joe and parts of about £80. So £120 for a cheap home build (and pretty cool) Mini WSM in the UK.

Update - 

Over a year of usage and the Weber Joe legs have started to give way due to the weight of the pot, 5-7kg shoulders and charcoal. So I have upgraded the legs using the ProQ Replacement legs for £12.

Monday, 26 August 2013

Texas - A BBQ Pilgrimage Part 1

Part one of a two part series – part two will provide a BBQ tourist’s guide to Texas

Four years of competitive BBQ has changed our approach to BBQ.  It’s been a deep journey through Kansas City style BBQ, which really got going when we visited KC for the Royal back in 2010.  But more than a decade ago, it was pictures of the pits, briskets and ribs in Lockhart, Texas which got me cooking and first inspired my obsession with BBQ.


So this year, when I was sent to Houston for a conference with work, I took the chance to spend a few days in Austin afterwards, and convinced Cuan to join me out there for a BBQ Fanatics pilgrimage to Texas!

Monday, 6 May 2013

Grand Champions!


What a weekend.  It feels like we’ve been trying for every year of those 3 years we’ve been at this, but we finally brought home the bacon.

IMG_0627.JPG (2)

Saturday, 6 April 2013

WSM 22.5” Thermometer Install mod

While all our other BBQs have teltrus installed, the 22.5” WSM didn’t because the provided thermometer in the lid seemed to work fine.  However, recently its been showing 150F when its cold and ended up about 30 degrees out most of the time so it was time to swap it out.
IMG_0560.JPG (2)

Friday, 26 October 2012

Butchers Knot Tutorial

Ben recently purchased 1/2 a pig from our very own sponsors Westlands Rare Breeds (Paul Robbinson & family). He was fortunate enough to spend a morning with the butcher as he carved up the carcas. Ben filmed the butchers knot, which is an art in itself. If you ever wondered how to do this and make your own pork/chicken/lamb rolls - watch carefully, its not as hard as you think.

Sunday, 14 October 2012

Homemade Pastrami

Location: Home

Pastrami is a prepared meat that I have always really enjoyed and fell in love with at Katz Deli in NY, succulent, served with pickles and mustard on rye bread. I had a few pieces of brisket point left over from a competition. This does take a few days to prepare, but is well worth the effort.

Grillstock 2012 - A look back

John Finch and his crew put on a fantastic event, which was won by our very good friends "Bunch of Swines". BBQ Fanatics (ably supported by Kev "Hot Wing" Brown) finished a very respectable 4th overall and placed 3rd in Pork & Ribs categories. A great video to get a taste for the Bristol (and soon to be London ) based music, blues and BBQ festival.