Sunday, 20 December 2009

BBQ Pit Boys

This bloke on YouTube scares the hell out of me.  The mean, southern drawl and the fact that you can never properly see his face.  The large, rusty bullnose butchers knife. Their theme tune "I'm going down to the house of sausage" does little to reassure.  However I am definitely drawn to their food.
Here he is slow smoking 4 packs of streaky bacon on a weber platinum;

I notice they're not afraid to grill in the snow though...

The Sausage Sauce

BBQ Date: Just before xmas
BBQ Weather Suitability: Violent snow

Cuan might, but I will not BBQ in December in the snow.  Actually I have BBQed in March in the snow and  I've BBQed cal├žots  in February which was cold but not snowing - but 14 hours in front of a smoker in the snow isn't going to happen.
So yesterday I knocked up a batch of "the" sausage sauce, from the river cafe cookbook.  My mate Matt introduced me to this and I've been cooking it ever since.  The only thing you need are the correct sausages, which must be the Italian type.  If you look in your local Italian deli they should have them.  There's usually a choice of chilli, fennel or plain, and all are good for this but the chilli ones are the best.  Yesterday they only had the plain ones;

Sunday, 13 December 2009

Mike Scrutchfield's ribs

I've no idea who Mike Scrutchfield is but I was recently sent this by virtue of being on David Klose's mailing list (who makes the kind of pits I dream about, and will one day possess).  My in-laws recently cut down a cherry tree and have been feeding me logs so I will give this a whirl come summer.  Looks great.