Sunday, 3 January 2010

Brown Sugar Ribs

BBQ Date: First BBQ of the year
BBQ Weather Suitability: Subzero temps, but who cares

The problem with cooking ribs on an open bbq is that it takes a real low heat and lots of attention to make sure they dont burn and dry out. This is a classic recipe I have used before to maximise the flavour and minimise the effort. The ingredients are pretty simple, pork ribs, apple juice, brown sugar, dry rub and bbq sauce of choice.

The preparation is easy, rub down the ribs with your dry rub of choice and leave for 2-3 hours.

Once the rub has been soaked up by the meat, make sure they are place on a tray within you cooking tray. Fill the bottom of the tray with about 1-2cm of apple juice, this will make sure that while the ribs cook there is a good amount of moisture. Then cover the ribs liberally with brown sugar. Its ok to stack the ribs on top of each other.

Place tin foil over the top, throw them on the weber, I normally only place coals on the one side of the grill and the tray on the opposite side. Close the lid and leave for 2 hours. If you have a temperature guage, you are looking for 180 degrees Celsius. After about an hour, pull the tin foil off for the last hour. After +- 2 hours, pull the ribs off and give them a minute or 2 directly over the coals to get the sugar to caramelise.

I then cut them up and baste with my favourite rib sauce (currently Famouse Dave's sweet and Zesty, not available in the UK unfortunately, except for the odd occasion on ebay. This is the result
Verdict: Easy to cook and is oh so moresome

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