Wednesday, 21 April 2010

Overnight Pulled Pork Smoke

BBQ Date: Mid April
BBQ Weather: Clear night and bright, hot day
In preparation for the upcoming BBQ competition I thought I’d go for an overnight shoulder smoke to be ready for lunchtime, just like we’ll be doing for the first time at the end of May in Tongham.  Not a massive difference to the normal pulled pork recipe wise (well, none) but there are a number of important psychological differences;
  • You have too much, rather than too little time to get things ready.  It still takes 13 hours, its just that you get to sleep for most of them.
  • You don’t have to cut the rind off a lump of pork, apply mustard slather, and dust with garlicky paprika before breakfast, but just before dinner.  This makes a massive difference to the care and attention one pays.
  • You don’t have to light a fire in your pyjamas, but you do have to tend\save a fire in your pyjamas
  • You have time to allow the rub to form a bark before putting it in the smoker
  • You can allow time for the smoker to reach equilibrium before cooking (I didn’t do this this time, will do next time)
  • You can let it rest for 2 hours before pulling the pork
  • You can pull the pork sober
  • You can eat at lunch, rather than at 11:30pm
Massive downside;
  • You don’t get to stand round a smoker in the baking sunshine drinking beer and talking about smokers and meat.  I’m sure at the competition we’ll be sitting round the smokers shivering and drinking beer, in the dark, but its not the same.

Monday, 19 April 2010

Sunny Saturday & Grillpro's Vertical Smoker

BBQ Date: Mid April
BBQ Weather: OMG - Summer arrived without warning !
With the recent improvements in the weather, and the added bonus of the Icelandic Volcano "Crisis" clearing the Surrey skies of air traffic, I thought it was high time I dusted off my crumbling Brinkmanns & officially welcomed in the smoking season. Whilst jabbing at some home made burgers on friday night, I thought I'd get my ECB's serviced ready for the morning. Initial inspections were not good - rust holes in the water pan, thick layer of congealed crud on the grills, and what appeared to be volcanic rocks welded into the fire pans. But I'm a pragmatic sort of bloke & thought I'd be able to get a few more runs out of them before I gave them the Viking funeral they so richly deserved. Located a new supplier of smoking wood & fell asleep dreaming of smokey meats...

Sunday, 18 April 2010

Pulled pork

Its the time in April where we get a bit of decent weather, decide its summer and start making pulled pork!  More on that later, but for now here’s a decent description;