Sunday, 14 November 2010

Barbecoa My BBQ

Restaurant: Barbecoa
Date: 12th Nov 2010

Recently myself, Ben and some chums visited Jamie Oliver and Adam Perry Lang (famous for Daisy May's, one on NYC's finest BBQ restaurants). We kicked off with a serious whisky cocktail made with Sazerac (famous for being voted one of the most highly rated whiskys in the world from Buffalo Trace Distilleries). Then it was time for the serious business.

While we waited we had pork crackling with a chocolate spicy mole. Cracking was good but the star of the dish was definately the Mole... rich, sassy and oh so moresome.

The lads decided to order and share so we kicked off with the Hot Wings (sauced with a honey, soya and sesame seed - excellent, but definately not hot), fall off the bone, melt in your mouth chicken wings. The baby back ribs were a good shout, nice sticky sauce, well smoked, a touch over done, but with excellent flavour. We also had a side of seared chillis (hot but very popular) and probably the best of all the starters was the pig's cheek. I give it 5 thumbs up, packed with flavour.

We had a NZ Pinot Noir (Moko Black) very quaffable and certianly maintains my passion for New World Wines. Onto the mains and I believe this is where the team at Barbecoa really shone. We orderd 2x short ribs (basically a beef rib slow smoked till it literally falls off the bone. A rich beef flavour and possibly the best I have ever eaten) covered in a sticky spicy glaze over a bed of irish mash. MMMmmmm.

Beer Butt chicken, smoked and grilled. A little tip, if you enjoy sucking the bone, ask the team to leave the chicken on the table instead of them preparing it for you. It was well flavoured, juicy and had a sublte hint of smokiness. There was NOTHING left over. The chicken came with a side dish of black beans cooked and smoked in treacle. I thought the beans were the weakest dish of the evening. They had been cooked in treacle, and personally I felt they had been overcooked and as a result had become very bitter.

The final dish was pork belly, that was tender, juicy, not too fatty, well crisped skin with a lovely touch of aniseed on a bed of sauted apples... could life get any better? The meals were topped off by shoestring fries and mash.

To finish it off there was a round of whisky's and decadent knock your socks off 70% coco chocolate cake kissed with orange zest and a good selection of cheeses.

Rating - 5 out of 5 for food, ambience and definately worth a visit
Value - Medium to Expensive, expect to pay £40-£60pp
Comment - Fine dining, Michelin star BBQ.... there is irony in there somewhere? But I will be visiting again