Wednesday, 14 December 2011

BBQ Fanatics very first Sponsor!

Sponsor Westlands Rare Breeds (Paul Robbinson)

BBQ Fanatics need to share some fantastic news; Paul Robbinson, the owner of the Westlands Rare Breed Farm have agreed to sponsor Pork shoulders from their farm for the 2012 BBQ season. Paul and his family are avid believers of sustainable rare breed animals providing exceptional quality meat. The farm is based near Gatwick and they focus on a number of animals, primarily KuneKune (From NZ, means 'Little fat pig') and Pedigree Saddlebacks pigs. In addition Paul also breeds lambs and turkeys. If you are looking for a last minute Turkey, please contact Paul directly, for hand reared, free range birds....

Please support your local farmers and support our sponsors on Facebook. Alternatively they can be contacted on -

Email -
Phone - 01293771771
Contact Details Westlands, Antlands Lane, Shipley Bridge, Horley, Surrey, RH6 9TE

Saturday, 3 December 2011

Meat Liquor–Burger Heaven

Restaurant: Meat Liquor
Corner of Wellbeck & Henrieta - Bond Street
The burger: Dead Hippie

We’ve learnt that its wise to follow Nick Andrew’s advice recently. And so to Meat Liqour, near Bond Street tube.  I don’t know why all these incredible, dirty, greasy, beefy burger joints are starting to appear in London but we are beginning to become obsessed. 
Meat Liquor has a no reservation policy, which is very annoying for someone who likes a plan, and very convenient for the restaurant, which has a 40 minute queue out of the door at all times.  We joined the queue in the rain, but I have to say just got more and more excited by the sweet smell of seared beef fat. 

Thursday, 27 October 2011

Diablo Burger @ The Diner in Soho

Restaurant: The Diner
Location: Ganton Street, London
The burger: Diablo

Suffering from a serious lack of BBQ in the off season (ie Winter), myself and Mr. Cops headed down to "The Diner" on Ganton street for some dirty, meaty fun on the back of some amazing reviews. In particular, a brave researcher whose blog we have fallen in love with at Burger-ME!

We went staight for the Diablo, a special created for Halloween. The highlight of the menu in my opinion and £1 cheaper than 10 sheets. This is the kind of burger that would put GBK on its back and make Byrons fall to its knees and start weeping like a child that has come 4th in an egg n spoon race with 3 competitors.

A brioche style bun with 8oz of medium rare rib, sirloin, fillet and chuck, served smothered in a pepper style cheese finished off by crunchy pickles and a spicy tomatoe relish. It was messy, juicy, tasted incredible, had a good crust and is definately worth a vist. What's next Burger-Me?

Wednesday, 14 September 2011

BBQ Fanatics Award Winning finishing sauce

Recipe: BBQ Sauce

This outstanding finishing sauce is used to paint onto meats in the final 20 minutes on the smoker; heavy with sugar and corn syrup it gives a rich glaze to ribs, pork and brisket.  Its a combination of Cuan's incredible BBQ sauce (adapted slightly) and the corn syrup and was influenced by our time at the Royal in Kansas City in 2010.  Props to Cuan for developing this, its just fantastic.
I've split this into a base and then a finisher - you can experiment on top of the base with other flavours you're after.  I've given our finisher for pulled pork here which uses apricot preserves and is inspired by APL's (Famous in the US but known in the UK due to his ties with Jamie Oliver and their joint restaurant Barbecoa) pulled pork sauce.

I highly recommend investing in a chinoise for this!  You'll be pushing the sauce through a sieve 3 times to get the consistency and smoothness and its painful without a proper tool for it.

Basic BBQ Rub

This rub comes courtesy of Adie from the bite the bullet championship BBQ team.

Cheers Adie!

Friday, 2 September 2011

Recipe: Blood Clots

These went down really well with the 10:20am frozen bourbon shots at the last BBQ competition so as promised here is the recipe!

Monday, 1 August 2011

Pitmasters Points Chase - 2011

The July 2011 competition saw BBQ Fanatics take 2nd in chicken... but no kickers.  5th overall to make a solid performance so far this season (we had the same in May).

We had a great time and learned loads as usual.  Plus my new smoker performed amazingly - more details on that in a later post!

Good work team.

Monday, 30 May 2011

Nemesis Defeated

Event: Mayhem in May @ Tongham, UK
Overall: 5th Place

BBQ Fanatics competed in their 4th tournament to date. A weekend of high wind and copious amounts of Hogsback Tea was still successful for the team. After many attempts and some tips from our friends across the pond, we finally managed to crack the formula and defeat the mighty brisket.  The end result was 1st place! We also picked up a 2nd in Sauce's, our second placing in this category.

It was a fantastic weekend and there was significantly more competition this year, with an additional 8 teams (19 in total). A massive thanks to Toby Shea from the British BBQ Society for arranging everything. Without him, this fantastic event would not have been possible.

Sunday, 6 March 2011

BBQ Fanatics - Global Supporters Club

Location: Melbourne, Western Australia

Friends and supporters of the 'BBQ Fanatics' have gone global. Long time chum and groomsmen of our very own Cuan Brown is Michel Mamet, seen here sporting the latest in 'BBQ Fanatics' styling. Good news is that Michel breaks with standard aussie tradition and uses charcoal over gas. Apparently his wife told him they were out of beer and shrimp.

Wednesday, 23 February 2011

iGrill Review


BBQers are obsessed with temperatures.  When we were in Kansas City, there was surprisingly little talk of sauce or rub recipes, it was all about what gear you had and how you knew it was at the correct temperature. 
The iDevices iGrill is yet another device that panders to our desire to continuously monitor temperatures without lift the lid/opening the oven door.  It’s a dual probe thermometer and alarm with a bluetooth link to your iPod touch/iPhone/iPad.  A free app runs on these devices and shows a display with one or two temperatures monitored.  Its a pretty nice looking app (screenshots from my iPad);

 photo (2)
The timer on the right gives you a countdown and a visual indicator.  When the timer fires, you hear a puny ringing sound… so you won’t be using the timer.  The temperature gauge on the left shows one or two temperatures using the dial.  There’s no option to change the visualisation or look and feel here so you’re stuck with what’s on the screen.

Friday, 4 February 2011

BBBQS Mayhem in May 2011


Start your engines!

It seems like a lot more than a year ago that we nervously signed up to take part in the British BBQ Society Mayhem in May competition.  Its now Pitmasters – and we just can’t wait to get back into the fray for the new season.  Last year we came back with a few bits of glass – a couple of 2nds and 3rds, but didn’t bother the top spots at any point.  But that’s ok, at BBQ Fanatics we’re about doing it from scratch and having fun – with real fires, wood, simple equipment and crap tents. 

Now remembering our nervousness, a note to readers who are thinking about taking part.  Just go for it – the meat is part of the entrance fee (£150) and the site is well provisioned for the competition, the people are really friendly, its even family friendly and there’s loads of good BBQ going on. 

See you there!