Wednesday, 23 February 2011

iGrill Review


BBQers are obsessed with temperatures.  When we were in Kansas City, there was surprisingly little talk of sauce or rub recipes, it was all about what gear you had and how you knew it was at the correct temperature. 
The iDevices iGrill is yet another device that panders to our desire to continuously monitor temperatures without lift the lid/opening the oven door.  It’s a dual probe thermometer and alarm with a bluetooth link to your iPod touch/iPhone/iPad.  A free app runs on these devices and shows a display with one or two temperatures monitored.  Its a pretty nice looking app (screenshots from my iPad);

 photo (2)
The timer on the right gives you a countdown and a visual indicator.  When the timer fires, you hear a puny ringing sound… so you won’t be using the timer.  The temperature gauge on the left shows one or two temperatures using the dial.  There’s no option to change the visualisation or look and feel here so you’re stuck with what’s on the screen.

Friday, 4 February 2011

BBBQS Mayhem in May 2011


Start your engines!

It seems like a lot more than a year ago that we nervously signed up to take part in the British BBQ Society Mayhem in May competition.  Its now Pitmasters – and we just can’t wait to get back into the fray for the new season.  Last year we came back with a few bits of glass – a couple of 2nds and 3rds, but didn’t bother the top spots at any point.  But that’s ok, at BBQ Fanatics we’re about doing it from scratch and having fun – with real fires, wood, simple equipment and crap tents. 

Now remembering our nervousness, a note to readers who are thinking about taking part.  Just go for it – the meat is part of the entrance fee (£150) and the site is well provisioned for the competition, the people are really friendly, its even family friendly and there’s loads of good BBQ going on. 

See you there!