Thursday, 27 October 2011

Diablo Burger @ The Diner in Soho

Restaurant: The Diner
Location: Ganton Street, London
The burger: Diablo

Suffering from a serious lack of BBQ in the off season (ie Winter), myself and Mr. Cops headed down to "The Diner" on Ganton street for some dirty, meaty fun on the back of some amazing reviews. In particular, a brave researcher whose blog we have fallen in love with at Burger-ME!

We went staight for the Diablo, a special created for Halloween. The highlight of the menu in my opinion and £1 cheaper than 10 sheets. This is the kind of burger that would put GBK on its back and make Byrons fall to its knees and start weeping like a child that has come 4th in an egg n spoon race with 3 competitors.

A brioche style bun with 8oz of medium rare rib, sirloin, fillet and chuck, served smothered in a pepper style cheese finished off by crunchy pickles and a spicy tomatoe relish. It was messy, juicy, tasted incredible, had a good crust and is definately worth a vist. What's next Burger-Me?