Tuesday, 29 May 2012

'Harry Soo' BBQ MastercCass

Event: Harry Soo From Slap Yo Daddy BBQ Class
Date: 14/15th July 2012

The International BBQ Network have announced that Harry Soo from 'Slap Yo Daddy' is going to be putting on 2 BBQ courses on the 14th & 15th July, the very first time he has run his course outside of North America!

Harry Soo is one of the US's most successful pitmasters with 22 Grand Champions (ie wins) in 4 years, making him and his team one of the most prolific winners in recent history (he was a firm favourite in the 'BBQ Pitmasters Series' on the Discovery channel. In a no holds barred session, Harry will  be imparting his BBQ techniques and tricks to the class. BBQ Fanatics have already registered their interest and cannot wait for this session!!

Verdict: BOOK NOW! (Link to IBQN Details)

Monday, 28 May 2012

IBQN Mayhem in May 2012

The most relaxed, organised competition so far, and finally a place in pork!


After two weeks of ferocious rain, the sun finally came out for a baking hot weekend (May 26/27 2012) and the first competition of the UK BBQ season. 

Thursday, 17 May 2012

The Ribman - Two Handfuls of Fiery Buns

Restaurant - The Ribman - EatStreet
Location - Kings Boulevard, NC1, near Kings Cross St Pancrass

The challenge - A massive pulled rib pork bun called "The Rib Man Roll"

I met Mark (aka @TheRibman) around 12 on a gloomy Thursday lunchtime, he was very spritely for a man that had been cooking since 4am, over 100 racks of prime pork baby back ribs. He was surrounded by black camouflaged Weber Q200 (or Q300)'s that have seen some serious action, they seemed to glare back at me. Twitter has been alight with the behemoth of a bun selling for the princely sum of five of her majesty's English pounds - I had to try it as I was in the area.(Check out Eat.St for a host of other awesome street foods)

I was greeted by Mark and his team and had the option of having the pulled ribs on a bun or on a wrap, whilst the wrap option may be a healthy option, I doubt it would have survived from the onslaught of the massive handful of pulled ribs placed on it. The meat is slow cooked over many hours and then pulled off the bone, similar to pulled pork, the same process, alot more love, and as a result, a magnificent end product.You have 2 more options, Marks homemade BBQ sauce or his HolyF&ck sauce, made from Devonshire grown Scotch Bonnets and Naga Jolokia (aka The Ghost Chili).

Monday, 7 May 2012

WSM Handle Modification

Modification: Add ProQ OEM Handles and Temperature Probe Grommet

After promising to do this mod for the last year, Ben prompted the action by bringing round his stepped drill bits as well as stainless steel nuts/bolts and washers. To complete the modification we had the following items

- 2mm drill bit to drill pilot holes and a drill
- Stepped metal drill bit (4mm and 10mm)
- WD40 to make a clean cut with the drill
- Black enamel paint
- ProQ Handles (£12.00 from a number of vendors, excluding nuts/bolts and washers)
- Stainless steel Nuts/bolts and a washer for each of the handles
- BBQ Temperature Sensor Grommet ($7 from Cajun Bandit BBQ Mods)
- Pair of pliers

Temperature BBQ Sensor Grommet
Decide where the grommet is going to be placed, we placed ours about 1cm below the top grate screws so the grommet did not interfere with the grate. Drill a pilot hole with the 2mm bit, the grommet is 3/4" about 9.2mm, we didn't have a 9mm steel bit so went with a 10mm bit, its a little loose, but once fitted with the collar it doesn't move. After drilling, paint the hole with black enamel paint and leave till dry (about 4hours), this will prevent corrosion. Fit the collar, and boom you are done.
(A note on drilling into the enamelled WSM steel, if you constantly drip WD40 as you're drilling, the filings cleanly grind away the coating so you get a clean(ish) hole with little chipping)

Friday, 4 May 2012

A Happy BBQ Fanatic Family

In preparation for the new season, BBQ Fanatics are starting with their inaugural practise weekend. Anyone want to help with eating Ribs, Chicken, Pork and Brisket?

Wednesday, 2 May 2012

Dr BBQ Championship BBQ Master Class


Date: April 28, 2012

Location: Leighton Buzzard

Activity: Download of Dr BBQs Competition BBQ techniques into my brain.

Dr BBQ (not a real doctor; real name, Ray) is a veteran of the competition BBQ scene in the US, and a judge at Grillstock where we’re competing this year (King of the Grill), so when we heard that he was giving a competition BBQ class in the UK, we pre-ordered a ticket. 


Tuesday, 1 May 2012

Burger Fight - Smith & Wollenskies (Las Vegas) vs Patty n Bun (London)

American challenger- Heavy Weight Champion, "Smith & Wollenskiesaka SnW - Vegas
Eng - Upstart "Patty n Bun" aka PnB, No address (yet), London, UK

Round 1
PnB got off to a flyer with some crispy, smoky tomato covered chicken wings. Delicately spiced, fall off the bone chicken and smothered in sticky sauce. A 2 portion double tap, leaving SnW a bit rattled.