Thursday, 17 May 2012

The Ribman - Two Handfuls of Fiery Buns

Restaurant - The Ribman - EatStreet
Location - Kings Boulevard, NC1, near Kings Cross St Pancrass

The challenge - A massive pulled rib pork bun called "The Rib Man Roll"

I met Mark (aka @TheRibman) around 12 on a gloomy Thursday lunchtime, he was very spritely for a man that had been cooking since 4am, over 100 racks of prime pork baby back ribs. He was surrounded by black camouflaged Weber Q200 (or Q300)'s that have seen some serious action, they seemed to glare back at me. Twitter has been alight with the behemoth of a bun selling for the princely sum of five of her majesty's English pounds - I had to try it as I was in the area.(Check out Eat.St for a host of other awesome street foods)

I was greeted by Mark and his team and had the option of having the pulled ribs on a bun or on a wrap, whilst the wrap option may be a healthy option, I doubt it would have survived from the onslaught of the massive handful of pulled ribs placed on it. The meat is slow cooked over many hours and then pulled off the bone, similar to pulled pork, the same process, alot more love, and as a result, a magnificent end product.You have 2 more options, Marks homemade BBQ sauce or his HolyF&ck sauce, made from Devonshire grown Scotch Bonnets and Naga Jolokia (aka The Ghost Chili). Mark informed me he was going through about 4kgs of ghost chilli's per 30 bottles (and they are very small bottles!). So my order was decided, a massive bun of steaming pulled ribs bathing in pure capsicum liquid heat. After the first bite, I was sold, juicy, sweet and tangy, a nice flavour to the ribs and then the kick from the hot sauce. All lovingly held together by a delicately soft, yet robust bun. As a chilli lover, this is just up my alley, more heat than Encona Extra Hot Sauce, but it punches with way more flavour... This stuff is like magma plumbed from the depths of the earth and bottled in a pure red devil bottle of heat and destruction. This is what the Americans were talking about when they invaded Iraq and said they were looking for WMD's! I haven't tried the "Christ on a Bike", but I was informed that its significantly hotter than "HolyF&ck" Sauce. If this is the case, I suggest purchasing a bottle and use it to clean your drains or unblock the toilet because I don't think its safe for human consumption!

As I walked away, and stared back at the mass of people queuing up. The guerilla style attack BBQ' were in full flight against urban street food. It was a beautiful sight!

Verdict - Get down and sample this delight, its truly a change from the standard pulled pork sandwich's, and clearly has had alot of love from Mark and his team, simple in construction, heavy on flavour and a smack of hot sauce.... On top of that I think you would be hard pressed to find anything North of the river that will offer the kind of value you are going to get here. What more can a man want?

P.S - The sauce was so good I purchased a bottle, which 6 hours later has had a serious dent in it. I am going to have to get TheRibMan to pipe it directly to my house!