Monday, 27 August 2012

BBQ Guru CyberQ Wifi Review (Part 1)

Unit: CyberQ Wifi
Manufacturer: BBQ Guru

As a UK based BBQ competition team we do not use any force draft methods during our competition cooks, and I would say our approach is contrary to most teams. One of the tasks I set myself was to investigate the various force draft products to see how much this affects the consistency of the cooks. There are a myriad of options available, but I settled on the CyberQ Wifi unit due to its ability to communicate via Wifi (I will discuss more about this in the next review). This unit cost $399 + delivery (I delivered to a friend in the US whom brought it back for me, but the great people at BBQ Guru will happily ship it for you). On initial review this looks more expensive that its direct competitor, the Stoker from Rocks Barbecue. However once you price up the equivalent fan, probes and holders the cost of a similarly priced package is within $20. The only obvious benefit of the stoker is that it can control more than one pit. The BBQ Guru can only control one pit.

The unit I purchased was for usage on a WSM and it came with the appropriate fittings - The box included the following -

3x Food Probes (The default lenght is 6 ft, but I do recommend the larger 8ft probe length)
1x Grate Probe (Similarly, the default is 6ft, I upgraded to the 8ft) with an alligator clip
1x 10cm Fan (With baffle connector for a Weber Smokey Mountain)
1x Head Unit (This comes in a nifty little foam pouch to protect it)
1x Head Unit holder (This can be bent/fitted to your various cooker)
1x Power adapter (110/220 volt) - I had to buy a US/UK plug adapter seperately
1x Manual and 1x piece of heat resistant tape