Sunday, 23 September 2012

BBQ Guru CyberQ Wifi Review (Part 2)

Unit: CyberQ Wifi
Manufacturer: BBQ Guru

Whilst the first part of this review (Review Part 1) focused on the general operation of the CyberQ Wifi, this part of the review focuses on the Wifi capabilities and its usage. The second part of this review examines the communications protocol and to be fair is a bit geeky (you have been warned!).

The CyberQ Wifi supports two modes of connectivity:
Ad-Hoc - This is the default behaviour of the CyberQ. In this mode, you do not need a router, simple connect your device to the existing SSID (Defaults to - "My CyberQ Wifi" & WPA2 password of "1234abcdef"). Open your browser and connect to As an aside, both my Android tablet and Windows Phone 7.5 could not connect to the Ad-hoc network, but I had no problem with my laptop and an Android phone.

Infrastructure Mode - This requires an existing Wifi network and a little more effort. On my network, the device connected with no issue and picked up its IP address from my router, which I browsed to using a web browser.

1.) User Interface

When you connect to the device (through a web browser) and you are presented with the home page. This shows the  temperature of the cooker, the 3 probes and the fan output. In addition to this the main page allows the user to set the values and update the the head unit. This page refreshes ever 5 seconds (but this can be updated in the units settings)