Monday, 26 August 2013

Texas - A BBQ Pilgrimage Part 1

Part one of a two part series – part two will provide a BBQ tourist’s guide to Texas

Four years of competitive BBQ has changed our approach to BBQ.  It’s been a deep journey through Kansas City style BBQ, which really got going when we visited KC for the Royal back in 2010.  But more than a decade ago, it was pictures of the pits, briskets and ribs in Lockhart, Texas which got me cooking and first inspired my obsession with BBQ.


So this year, when I was sent to Houston for a conference with work, I took the chance to spend a few days in Austin afterwards, and convinced Cuan to join me out there for a BBQ Fanatics pilgrimage to Texas!

Monday, 6 May 2013

Grand Champions!


What a weekend.  It feels like we’ve been trying for every year of those 3 years we’ve been at this, but we finally brought home the bacon.

IMG_0627.JPG (2)

Saturday, 6 April 2013

WSM 22.5” Thermometer Install mod

While all our other BBQs have teltrus installed, the 22.5” WSM didn’t because the provided thermometer in the lid seemed to work fine.  However, recently its been showing 150F when its cold and ended up about 30 degrees out most of the time so it was time to swap it out.
IMG_0560.JPG (2)