Friday, 4 July 2014

Mini WSM Build (UK)

So I have been gagging to build one of these for ages. Thanks to alot of my friends and family I was lucky enough to win a Weber Smokey Joe. I trawled the websites looking for a suitable pot for the build but they are not easily available in the UK. Most people go with a Vascona or an Imusa 32 Quart tamale pot Unfortunately we dont have the tamale eating populace in this part of the world. Someone did find a pot for about £12 called a Sonex Pot, the No 6 - 28L is the one you want. Its made in India, and for love or money I have not been able to source it in the UK. As a result I managed to source a pot on Amazon USA that they would send to me for next to nothing (£7).

Parts List

  • Winware 32 Quart Stock Pot - Delivered by for £7 on Amazon Prime. $41 for the pot and £8 in import duties so about £41. I cut the base out and have drilled holes in the sides that I use the bolts below to mount the grates and clay saucer on. I painted the thing with black ceramic engine paint (3x coats). 
  • 2" BBQ Thermometer from Amazon £12.99
  • 10x 1/4" 20 bolts and washers from Amazon - £5
  • VHT Black Enamel Engine Paint I should have got the gloss as well but I was lazy and its going to be covered in BBQ sauce within seconds of firing it up - £10. 
  • I am still hunting for another grate and a clay tray which I can hopefully find this week. Thats likely to be £20

So total cost wise you are looking at £40-£50 for the Weber Smokey Joe and parts of about £80. So £120 for a cheap home build (and pretty cool) Mini WSM in the UK.

Update - 

Over a year of usage and the Weber Joe legs have started to give way due to the weight of the pot, 5-7kg shoulders and charcoal. So I have upgraded the legs using the ProQ Replacement legs for £12.